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PHILIPS Smart Halogen - Recessed QBS020, QBS021, QBS022, QBS023, QBS025, QBS027 & QBS028

Written By Distributor Lampu Philips PT Savont Varavi IND on Kamis, 30 Juli 2020 | 05.26

PHILIPS Smart Halogen - Recessed QBS020, QBS021, QBS022, QBS023, QBS025, QBS027, QBS028 DLL

Product family description Shop owners opening a new outlet or refurbishing their current installation and contractors looking for attractive propositions for their customers (small/non-chain retailers) now have the ideal solution for impactful, yet affordable accent lighting. Our Smart Halogen Downlight offers customers a choice of different shapes to suit different functions, and the professional finish lends the luminaire an air of contemporary sophistication. Thanks to its robust housing, the Smart Halogen Downlight is a long-lasting solution. Quality clips ensure ease of installation.

‡ Retail – sales areas, shop windows ‡ Offices – exhibition and highlight areas ‡ Hospitality and cruise ships – corridors, service areas, reception areas, lobbies, lounges, restaurants, cabins ‡ Healthcare – corridors, reception areas, waiting areas ‡ Airports – arrival/departure halls, corridors, waiting areas, service desks, shops ‡ Robust housing ‡ Different shapes to suit different functions ‡ Professional finish ‡ Good-quality clips for easy installation ‡ Affordable yet highly effective accent-lighting solution ‡ Safe and durable ‡ Wide choice for customers; 
contemporary sophistication 

Smart Halogen Downlight ‡ Type ‡ Die-cast aluminum versions and for MR11 lamp types: ‡ Die-cast aluminum versions and for MR16 lamp types: ‡ Cast aluminum versions and for MR16 lamp types: ‡ Light source 

QBS040 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS040 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS041 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS041 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS042 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS042 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS043 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS043 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS044 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS044 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS046 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS046 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS047 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS047 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS048 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS048 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS020 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WHQBS020 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WH
QBS021 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WHQBS021 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WH
QBS022 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS022 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS023 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS023 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS024 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS024 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS025 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS025 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS026 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS026 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS027 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS027 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS028 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS028 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH
QBS029 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS029 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

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